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Here’s to the Brain Helpers

It’s bad enough to stumble through life with a partially functioning brain. But have you noticed how many “Don’t Forget Me” Helpers there are? You know, those “smart” devices with the tiny beeping alarms. Is it a text? Is it the security alarm? Are terrorists lurking with a bomb? No, it’s an appliance. And it… Continue reading Here’s to the Brain Helpers

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All yours for Valentine’s Day … a two-book giveaway!

That Chautona. When she hosts a giveaway, she really delivers. Isn’t this the best graphic? So. Chautona is giving away not one but two (2) prizes on her blog this week. So Rough a Course is already free — you can download it for yourself at Amazon by going here. But now you have a… Continue reading All yours for Valentine’s Day … a two-book giveaway!

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Will you be his Valentine? FREE eBook!

For the first time ever, So Rough a Course is free. Yes, FREE. Just for you for Valentine’s. So here is your chance to discover the world of Mercy’s Embrace and to load your Kindle with some really good indie titles. Check out the Clean Indie Reads Valentine promotional. Every eBook listed is FREE.

Students Say What?

Van vs. Parking Structure

For an “epic fail” field trip, combine the following: Oregon Symphony Young People’s Concert tickets Driving rain A ticking clock Bumper-to-bumper downtown traffic The twelve-passenger school van Ten middle school boys Me at the wheel And a parking structure Set to music this could almost be The Twelve Days of Christmas, right? Except that I… Continue reading Van vs. Parking Structure

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Today’s the day to grab a Robin Helm eBook

My friend Robin was featured on BookBub yesterday — a great promotional success! Today her Understanding Elizabeth is still FREE. So if you haven’t picked it up, this is your chance. If you already have this book, why not gift a copy to a friend while it’s free? Robin’s other titles — including our A… Continue reading Today’s the day to grab a Robin Helm eBook

Lessons from my sons

Stuck Between a Possum and a Spider

Here’s another “blast from the past” post, this time featuring my middle son. Enjoy! “You have got to be kidding me.” That’s how my Nathan put it. Grad school study exhaustion is one thing, but nocturnes too? Right at the front door? “I’m day shift, he’s night shift.” Humans and nocturnes might share the same… Continue reading Stuck Between a Possum and a Spider

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Mercy’s Embrace re-release is now complete!

Suspense, laughter, and love are waiting for you. And a handsome admiral too … It’s Launch Day for The Lady Must Decide, the third and final installment in the Mercy’s Embrace trilogy. And, hooray! Claudine has an eBook giveaway going on. Stop by, read her review at Just Jane 1813, and if you’d like to… Continue reading Mercy’s Embrace re-release is now complete!

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The power of a handsome face …

They say a face once launched a thousand ships. How about a couple thousand Twitter impressions and a bunch of retweets? Like, scary fast? It’s got to be because of that face. Admiral McGillvary’s piercing, confident gaze grabs on and won’t let go. People notice him! See, I put together a basic ad at Canva a… Continue reading The power of a handsome face …

Cat Love · Lessons from my sons

Of Mice and Young Men

I came across this older article at Jane Started It — and because I think you will enjoy it, I’m sharing it here too. Want something done? Put your tech sons on it. It turns out my guys can do way more than set up Chromecast and Netflix. They can solve a mouse problem. Like,… Continue reading Of Mice and Young Men

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Understanding Elizabeth’s 3-Day FREE Spree!

Friend, are you snowbound? Huddled by the heater, in need of a lovely Pride and Prejudice romance to keep you company? Or are you in southern climes? Parked on a beach with your Kindle, looking for fictional companionship? AKA, Mr. Darcy? Here is your chance to snag the Kindle edition of Understanding Elizabeth for free. And… Continue reading Understanding Elizabeth’s 3-Day FREE Spree!