A Blog To Call My Own

A website of my own I have already. It’s professional, nicely impersonal, and requires no maintenance. But according to industry gurus, that’s not not enough.

I need something with new and interesting material, with personality and pizazz. (Tired I can do, but pizazz?)

Which brings me to this blog, now three days old. If you’re here, welcome! And congratulations for finding me, for I’m only just beginning to link the address in various places. Eventually I’ll redirect my laurahile.com traffic here. Whether the offbeat name is helpful for a writer of comic period romance remains to be seen. It’s all about image and branding, I’m told. In a world of sensual romance novels, my witty niche is kind of hard to define.

In case you’re wondering, Can’t Hug Every Cat is urban slang for “Can’t have your cake and eat it too.” The story of my life. Idealistic and impractical, I long to have it all. With time to spare.

I also blog with my Austen friends at Jane Started It!, where Sir Walter Elliot has an advice column going. Marrying Well for Fun and Profit offers his so-condescending tips for the upwardly mobile young miss. This week’s post on Gaming is linked.

Hey, thanks for stopping by,


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