For me, an Oxymoron?

For teachers on a traditional school calendar—that is to say, lazy teachers like me who put off preparations until the last desperate moment—Labor Day means not rest but work!

That’s okay, I’ve got it covered. I call this The Immersion Plan. See, I jump in with both feet, over my head, and do everything at once. “It’s so I don’t forget where I put stuff,” I tell people. Ha! It’s procrastination, pure and simple. Fact is, I spent too much time setting up this blog, and now I must pay.

I don’t mind. It’s lovely to work quietly in my classroom, assembling everything “new” for students who are yet unknown. Helps, too, during a heat wave, to be in an air-conditioned building. Around here a heat wave is 90 degrees. This is western Oregon, and we complain about everything, even too much sun.

Gotta love the blue sky and that sunflower, though. For soon enough it will be overcast and drizzling. And, you guessed it, we’ll be complaining.

Enjoy your weekend!

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