Pain-in-the-Neck or Privilege?

Tualatin Hills Nature Park
Early on Saturday mornings I jog with my friend and colleague, Kelly. We go together because excuses are easy. But get a load of where we run.

It’s like Narnia in there. (Well, Narnia with mud. This is Oregon.)

This morning it was gloriously sunny. “People come here for vacation,” we told one another, “and we get to live here. Why would anyone sit around at home?”

If left to ourselves, that’s exactly what we would do! Like I said before, excuses are easy. And there are so many other things that need to be done. Like sleep.

Fast-forward to now. Saturday is also my writing day, when I get down to business with my next chapter. And I remind myself, just as I did on that jogging trail, that I get to write. Sure, it’s work. But it’s a privilege, not a pain-in-the-neck.

And as with jogging, when I’m done I feel wonderful! 🙂

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