Stepping out of Line

On Saturdays I plug along on the fourth Mercy’s book, chapter by chapter.

But there are times when my characters step out of line. Cleora McGillvary, who is lonely, shy, and in some ways wise beyond her years, gave me a surprise this weekend. It seems she’s fallen for her music teacher in a big way! Okay, so this plot element, from an earlier on-line version of Mercy’s Hard Bargain, is one I’d planned to ditch. Apparently not!

So, like this cat in grown-up shoes, Cleora the heiress is flirting with disaster. The fellow she’s fallen for is everything honorable, but what future is there with an impoverished composer? And how much trouble will this cause for her father and new step-mother? Ha, plenty.

“In life,” says writer Lew Hunter, “one thing happens after another. In drama, one thing happens because of another.”

Twists like this keep writing projects interesting.


Cat illustration courtesy of

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