A wonderful new source for free fiction … Beyond Austen!

Stephanie Hamm, Robin Helm, and Gayle Mills are pleased to announce the opening of a new Austen fiction forum, Beyond Austen.

The site goes live today, July 30th.

Austen fiction for everyone

Their mission is to provide a forum environment that is friendly and encouraging, offering well-written fiction appropriate for readers of all ages. This means even my teen students can enjoy stories. Yes!

Celebrating friendly interaction

Conversation is what social media is about, and interaction between authors and readers is encouraged at Beyond Austen. The board is easy to navigate, and is loaded with features.

And I will be one of the contributing authors. Will I see you at Beyond Austen?

You will need to register for membership, but it’s easy and free.

The Austen fan fiction scene adds followers with each movie adaptation. I’m excited to meet new friends.

At a time when writers and publishers are scrambling to add the 50 Shades touch to anything and everything—even classic novelsBeyond Austen is like a breath of fresh air.

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