Writers are such kittle cattle

It’s Snark Monday (where I share a quotation that has made me smile). Here we go!

Burnett-Those-Writing-WomenKittle cattle: A group of people that are difficult to manage and inclined to be capricious.

Ah, yes. “Writers are such kittle cattle.”

(I’m writing Mrs Bennet this morning, and you know how fond she is of italics.)

When I first heard this line in the made-for-television movie Anne of Avonlea, I smiled.

And now that I am a writer myself, I’m smiling even more. Because it’s so absolutely true. We’re like cats who won’t be herded.

I stumbled upon another gem this weekend (pictured at right), made by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s vinegary Lady Maria as she looks over a group of predatory unmarried females.

Alas for the raging ego! Alas for being too pleased with ourselves! What we so slyly try to conceal is all too obvious to others.

This is not pride in a job well done, you understand, but the I-am-surrounded-by-barbarians kind.

Oh dear, which is Lady Maria all over, as well as the predatory writer she slams.

Here’s one final quotation to encourage you. Like the others, it’s truth. And it brings to my twisted mind the trying-too-hard Harlequin author, posed in a glamour shot with a feather boa. You’ve seen these. “I write hot fantasy sex so that I can afford to stay home with my children.” Right.

“Writers should be read but not seen. Rarely are they a winsome sight.” (Edna Ferber)

All right, this is quite enough snark from me. Happy Monday, friends!

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