Chick Lit Drama

educat114The Three Plot Ideas for the Chick Lit assignment are in (see last week’s post here).

And the pages, they are a-smoking with girl drama! Check out these submissions from my beginning high school writers:

  • Forever Single

Gretchen never thought that she would end up in Portland almost broke and working a crummy job. She is miserable. And her so-called friends are incredibly rude. And she’s single! Still torn up over her parents’ divorce, she sees no hope of her life going anywhere. Could a new makeover be the answer?

She kicks her old friends to the curb, applies for a new job, and creates a dating profile. Will she finally find the love of her life?

  • Why I Hate Lipstick

I haven’t always hated the stuff, but I have forever hated those who use too much. The evil girls. You know the ones I am talking about. Those tall, thin, way-better-looking-than-you blondes. My last experience with them involved lipstick, my ex, and two thousand gallons of water. Not to mention tuna and waffles. That was just the beginning of the worst food fight in history.

  • Chained by Love

I love Michael. I know he’s the one. Why, we’re perfect for each other after all. I just can’t resist his deep blue eyes, golden brown hair, and soft olive skin. It’s so romantic; we live in a secluded cabin deep in the woods. My sweetie doesn’t always like living there, though. However, I constantly remind him, “Hush, hush, my love. Remember, no one can hear you. It’s just you and me. So let’s stop with all this ‘Someone help me!’ nonsense you keep yelling about.”

Ah, it’s true love.

Not bad, I say. From top to bottom: girl, guy, guy. I’ll share a few more next week.

11 thoughts on “Chick Lit Drama

  1. I really want to read, “Chained by Love.” But I’m worried this kid will be sent to the principal for a little counseling if the blurb is a good indication of the story’s direction! πŸ˜‰

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    1. This is one of the nicest guys, and he has used my class as giving him permission to step outside the boundaries of his usual Good Guy image. Now his fellow students almost expect a darker tale from him.


        1. There was a collective gasp from his classmates when the Lead in his first story chose a life of crime. These students know one another very well, and they delight in hidden surprises. “I wanted to write something nobody expected,” he told me We’ll see if he chooses to write this plot idea. I’m thinking he will.


  2. I want to read Forever Single. Heck, I want to read all of them. I think you should write a story for each, and then we can compare them for age-related sensibilities. Then, if we could find some elderly lady….

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    1. Another polite, good-girl student having the time of her life with mean girl dialog. She brought by the first pages of this yesterday and gracious, she has the swing and cadence finely tuned.

      She’s one who wants to be a writer. I have a handful of them. “Get a degree that makes money,” I tell them, “and write like mad during your spare time.”


  3. The challenge with writing is that we don’t write into a vacuum. We write to be read…and there is always an audience to be reached.

    So in class I read students’ stories aloud (no names) … and they discover, much to their surprise, that they can be entertaining. Or scary. Or heartbreaking.


    1. Bless him, he did his job. A snicker and the itch to turn the page is what it’s all about as a writer. It’s like we’re in the business of making addicts! We earn a living through repeat business.

      But the best compliment of all is the re-read, the book that doesn’t get tossed into the Donate box.


  4. Oh my. I would probably put these books back on the shelf after reading those summaries. It is not that they are bad. These stories just aren’t to my liking. That being said, I feel these students are definitely on the right track for chick lit. This has inspired me a little bit though. Perhaps I need to do the assignment as well so I can learn a few things about chick lit.


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