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liebster blog 1Imagine my surprise at receiving a Liebster Award from Linzé Brandon of A Butterfly on a Broomstick blog. This is my first time to be chosen.

The Liebster is given by fellow bloggers to help people discover new blogs. Why the heart? Because Liebster is German for beloved or special.

The Liebster Rules:

  • Answer the 11 questions left for you
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers (not the person who nominated you, or the people that person nominated)
  • Leave 11 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Thank and link back to the person who nominated you

Here are the 11 questions Linzé gave me.

1. What are the five things/activities you simply cannot do without?
Favorite things: Meeting with my prayer pals mornings at 6:30 am (with coffee), teaching fiction writing to high school students, my writing homegirls at Jane Started It, morning walks in the neighborhood, quiet time to read by myself, with windows open (to better hear the rain or distant trains) before bed.

My son Nathan and some of the clocks
My son Nathan and some of the clocks

2. If your home caught fire, name the five things you will try to rescue? (loved ones are number six)
I’d snatch photo albums, my laptop (or flash drives), any one of my dad’s lovely antique clocks, the portrait my grandmother painted, my great grandmother’s peridot ring.

3. What made you want to start blogging?
Six years ago, my writing pal Susan Kaye, always an early adapter, told me to blog—or else! She is a natural columnist and it shows. For me, blogging has had a long learning curve. I am too used to hiding behind my fiction.

4. Which comment on your blog did you enjoy the most? (And who left it, and on what post?)
Gayle’s response on my A to Z post about the hero’s need for income (illustrated by Sir Walter Elliot, who had none and spent anyway): “Paying with someone else’s money — how appropriate for April 15th!”

5. What was your experience in doing the A to Z Blog Challenge in April 2014?survivor-atoz [2014] - SMALL
I chose to do a series of how-to columns—How to Write Romantic Comedy, of all things. This was more work than I realized, but having begun I could not turn back. To illustrate my points, I resorted to quoting from my books. It was not my intention to plug my novels but ha, I even sold a few. And I finished the challenge!

6. When did you know what you wanted to do with your life in regard to how you wish to be remembered?2013 Students-2
I began teaching young teens at a small church while I was a college student. I was new to church and to teaching! This is an age group one either loves or hates—and I knew right away that I was home.

I am by nature an encourager, and my job as middle/high school teacher enables me to do this. Because I work in a small Christian school, I am free to come up with my own curriculum for my fiction writing electives. We have way too much fun, but they learn storytelling, oh yes.

I never considered writing as a vocation (although I’ve always had stories running in my head) until Susan Kaye encouraged me to try. Before this I thought writers had to create poems or pursue journalism. And I was not about to do either!

7. Do you now have, or have you had, a living animal as a pet?
When my eldest sons were young, we brought home a kitty. Little did I know that sweet Flower would live for 19 years. My youngest son, born when the eldest was eight, summed up the situation perfectly in a moment of frustration. “Everyone is older than me! Even the cat is older than me!”

I would love to have another kitty, but we are simply too busy. It wouldn’t be fair to the cat.

8. If you had to perform in a little talent show next week, what would your talent be?
I enjoy singing, but I’m no soloist. So I’d have to drag a choir onto the stage with me.Tea with Mr Tumnus

9. What would your response be if a new friend proved to you that you aren’t human?
This is quite the theological question. Because as a follower of Jesus, I’m kind of not. However, if it were proven that I was indeed a from-outer-space alien, hey, I’d have some fabulous outfits made up and hit the Comic-Con speaking circuit.

10. If there was one mythical character that you would like to have tea with, who would it be and why?
C.S. Lewis’ Aslan (my first choice) is not exactly a mythical creature, nor do I think he drinks tea. Mr Tumnus, being a faun with a lovely British accent, better fits the bill. Other mythical creatures that come to mind (Medusa, Cyclops) would scare me.

11. If there was one supernatural power that you could have for 24 hrs, which one would it be and what would you do with it?

How I would love the ability to write at the speed of my thoughts, without being shut down by the perfectionist inner editor! You know, like that struggling writer in the movie Limitless. He was stupid to take that drug, but wow.

Here are the 11 Questions for the 11 bloggers I am nominating:

1. What is your favorite genre to read and why?
2. Do you believe in miracles?
3. What made you want to start blogging?
4. If you could choose a different first name, what would it be and why?
5. Describe a favorite memory.
6. Share a favorite quotation and why it speaks to you.
7. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?
8. What ability or skill do you wish you had?
9. What is your favorite season?
10. Share with us a painting, cartoon, or photo that you like. Why does it speak to you?
11. Where do you do your best thinking?

Here are the 11 bloggers I am nominating:
Names are links. liebster blog 3

Susan Kaye
Robin Helm
Chautona Havig
Jane Greensmith
Janet Brantley
Shelley DuPont
Pam Ray
Angela Watt
Chad Jones
Maria Grace
Wendi Sotis

11 thoughts on “Liebster Award — Laura Hile blog

  1. It was quite interesting to read your thoughts, Laura. I found out a few things I didn’t know about you. I’m already working on my answers to your questions. Thanks for the Prestigious Award.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know about that the Liebster being prestigious, Robin, but it’s fun. When I put the questions together, I tried to make them interesting and yet easy to answer. In the eye of the beholder, that is. Easy to answer for me!

    As to getting to know me better, many things I don’t do are because they involve time and money. Money, most especially. For instance, with an awesome and epic Avengers costume, I’d be your girl for Comic-Con.


    1. I expect it to be fun. I don’t do much anymore that isn’t. (Just look at my house. If I don’t enjoy something, it’s last on my list.)

      I never thought it was prestigious – hence the caps.

      I want a costume like the Green Lantern. It totally remade his body. I could use that. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you may know me better than I know myself, Laura. Liebster will likely have to wait until I return from Japan. Right now, I’m looking forward to holding my granddaughter.


    1. Have a wonderful, awesome, epic trip, Robin. Blogging? Way later on that! Take lots of pictures and tell us all about it when you get back. And then, when things become ho-hum again, post your Liebster Award answers. 🙂


      1. You have been listening to my thoughts, Laura. I’m taking my laptop and may post a few pictures, but I’m going to spend most of my time with my daughters and granddaughter.


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