Students Say What? · What I Have Learned About Being a Novelist

What I have learned about being a novelist – 2

Here are my first year writing students. We had way too much fun!
Here are my first year writing students, and didn’t we have a good time!

As the school year winds down, what I learn from my students is a lot. They say experience is the best teacher. Together we explored the writer’s life.

KelsieHere is Kelsie’s experience, jotted down in ten fast in-class minutes:

This year in Creative Writing I have learned that writing is one of the most wonderful and dreadful things in life.

I have learned that through writing, I can create anything that I want. Any place or character or story is just at the tip of my pencil. Writing gives you power to discover things about yourself that you never even knew existed.

I have also learned that writing is not easy. In fact, at times it is so challenging you just want to scream and throw away everything you have written. In the dark hours of the night when everyone is asleep, you are still sitting at your laptop, wracking your brain to come up with ideas to finish your story when you would rather just give up and go to sleep.

However, nothing can compare to the feeling you get after you finish a story. When you are able to hold a thick stack of papers and know that you filled them all with your words and ideas, nothing is quite as fulfilling.

Kelsie is a senior and will be heading for Portland State University as an English major. As you see, she writes very well indeed. I look forward to watching her career as an author take shape. She loves Jane Austen’s work, and my, can Kelsie tell a romantic story! Her most recent one has a tragic ending, which shows me that she is not afraid to make the reader cry.

For the shy person, writing is tremendously empowering. Bravo, Kelsie. Give Nicholas Sparks some competition!

“It was always difficult for me to assemble into words what I wanted to say… It is probably one of the causes that have made me a writer.” (Agatha Christie)

5 thoughts on “What I have learned about being a novelist – 2

  1. Go, Kelsie! I think the journey is different for each of us. I could never write in the middle of the night, so, kudos to you! I write in the morning, before I’m exhausted by whatever happens during the day.

    Find whatever works for you and stick to it.

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  2. I’m with you about the middle-of-the-night thing, Robin. I’m done in by 8 pm! (My sons roll their eyes and smile. Poor Mom.) But then, students cultivate those late night hours. It took me well into my college career to discover that waking up at 4 am to study was tremendously better than staying up until then.


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