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What I have learned about being a novelist – 3

guys1-1During these, my most hectic days of the school year, I’ve been sharing student responses to this topic. Their experiences with the writing life have made them wise beyond their authorly years!

TaylorHere is what Taylor, a senior, has to say:

Being a novelist is hard work filled with nonexistent blood, sweat, and tears. The question that will forever remain is, is it worth it? Is being a writer worth all the mental anguish and suffering that goes into a few sheets of paper? Do the rewards of a finished product outweigh the struggle? There are pros and cons. Cons, it is hard, enough said. Pros, you’re given a blank canvas to express the ideas, emotions, and stories that are locked away in your heart.

I ask myself, has it been worth it? So far, I conclude the answer to be yes. I have been given an outlet to manifest feelings, struggles, my own personal emotions. Some ask if there are any coping mechanisms to dealing with writing. To that I reply no, but writing in and of itself can be one’s own coping mechanism.

Taylor took Fiction Writing I for fun, and as you can see, he’s usually smiling. But he quickly discovered an inner Edgar Allen Poe lurking within. As a result, Taylor has become our class master of the heart-rending tragedy.

Taylor’s off to George Fox University next year. High school will soon be behind him forever, but not writing. Go, Taylor!

2 thoughts on “What I have learned about being a novelist – 3

  1. It’s worth it, Taylor, so keep writing. Imagine your sense of accomplishment when you’re holding a book that you wrote yourself. Today, you don’t have to suffer until you can find a publisher. You can actually do that yourself. It’s a great time to be a writer!

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    1. Classmates become the writer’s beginning fan base. Three of my students have published books with Create Space this year. So exciting for them!

      The edit issue is another matter, as every indie author soon discovers. Fortunately, self-published books can be easily updated. I agree, as writers we have more opportunities than ever before.


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