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What I have learned about being a novelist – 4

guys1-2So I’ve been sharing wisdom from the trenches lately. Word by word, page by page, my high school writing students have learned about life as an author: the struggle, the late hours, and the wondrous joy of entertaining their peers.

Peter-2-2014Here is Peter’s take:

This writing thing is a lot harder than I originally thought. I learned to not put things off to the last second or else your life will be a whole lot harder. I also learned that even if you think your story is perfect it is undoubtedly not.

DSC01587I learned that taking my time, setting goals each day to achieve, will help me get the task done. Your brain won’t always come up with something. You sometimes just need to give it a little time. People watching is also something that can make your story come to life.

Always have an editor. I always make spelling mistakes, but having someone re-read your paper will help. I learned that hard work, dedication, and a creative mind are some of the most important things. You don’t even need very much creativity as long as you enjoy your work. Someone else will enjoy it too.

Writing in certain genres is especially hard. If you ever find a genre you enjoy, I recommend you stick with it. Also be very grateful for being able to type and not having to write.

Peter is a sophomore, and I’m thinking he”ll be back for Fiction Writing II as a senior. He is a natural storyteller and, well…a talker. What he adds to our class is a lot.

One thought on “What I have learned about being a novelist – 4

  1. If you’ve learned to set goals, you have nearly won the battle. I write a chapter a week, nearly every week. I make a list of daily goals and check those suckers off. It gives me a since of accomplishment.


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