Students Say What? · What I Have Learned About Being a Novelist

What I have learned about being a novelist – 6

girlsread-3Here is Melissa’s take on this topic:

Melissa2014I have learned many things this year about being a novelist. The main things that I learned are that it takes hard work, free writes help, and you can find inspiration everywhere.

The first one is that it is hard work. Oftentimes the story does not just come to me. I have to struggle through the writer’s block and just try to get something on the page. It would be hard to be a writer out side of the class because you don’t have classmates or teachers to help you along the way.

Second, free writes help a lot, especially when you are in that writer’s block that I mentioned before. Often stories just come to you. By the end of the free write, you somehow come up with a story that actually makes since. Sometimes stories just need to be forced out of you.

Third, I really learned this year that you can find inspiration everywhere. Some of my characters have characteristics that I based off of my friends. Some of the places I have written about I have been to myself. That is shy I have really tried to keep an eye out for my stories. They often come out when I’m writing my free writes.

I have learned so much about being a novelist this year. I probably won’t ever be one, but I really do have a respect for people who follow their dreams and tell people the stories in their lives.

Melissa will be attending Portland Community College / Portland State next year. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow as a storyteller and artist!

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