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The Old, the New, the Remodeled, the Working

The tools, they are a-changing!
My tools, they are a-changing! Am I becoming an Early Adapter?

Something Old: One loved-to-death Kindle
It’s stuck on The Hunger Games. And because I took no other books on vacation, that’s what I read on the train. Three times.

Something New: A Kindle Fire HD
(Displaying one of my books, of course.)
Can it be that I’m an Early Adapter?
My sons say I’m a Laggard. Oh, sigh. They’re right.

Something Remodeled: this blog
Now that I have a tablet, I need a blog theme that adjusts in size.

And Something working.
Namely, me!
And, see, there’s my Camp NaNo calendar to prove it.
X stands for victory!

Yes, I am making progress on my new novel, which is why you haven’t seen me online much.
I’m writing Chapter 20 today, and by month’s end the entire book should be finished.

I live, eat, breathe words.
I am greatly in debt to fellow author Susan Kaye, to my Beyond Austen readers, and to our My 500 Words NaNo Cabin.

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