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In each of us, a hero

The evacuation of lower Manhattan
The evacuation of lower Manhattan on 9/11, the largest sea evacuation in history

When do we see the nobility of men and women? In the most tragic circumstances of life. It is then that we step up and show that we are, indeed, created in the image of God.

To honor the heroes of 9/11, today I am sharing this video with my students. I was raised in a sailing family, and it warms my heart to see how hundreds of skippers rushed to help.

In each of us, there lives a hero. This short video shares some of their stories.

When the need arises, will your inner hero step up to the call? Yes, I think so.

2 thoughts on “In each of us, a hero

    1. “The best thing I ever did with my life,” one of these fellows said.

      From where I sat on the west coast, I had very little understanding of how the rescuers were aided by so many tradespeople, construction workers showing up with their work tools, torches, cranes. Inspiring stories.


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