‘Twas the week before NaNo


So here’s my NaNoWriMo check list:

1. A plot map. Otherwise known as an outline. I’ve done NaNo “pantsing all the way,” and the result wasn’t pretty. Or even usable. Hat tip to Tonia for sharing A Plot Outline in Six Acts, which I will be following to the letter.

2. Larger-than-life lead characters. I am using NaNo to draft the next Mercy’s Embrace novel, so I’m good here.

3. A rocking bad guy. Because as Steven Pressfield says, “The middle belongs to the villain.” And the muddled middle is where we run out of ideas.

4. A clean house. Seriously. Haul out the vacuum, the mop, and get that bathroom sparkling. NaNo is all about minimal zero housework.

5. A clear work area. Clutter is like static on the radio, right? Make room—a clean, physical space that you can see—for new ideas.

6. Supportive WriMo pals. (That’s what we NaNoers are, WriMos, ha.) I could not believe the difference this made during July’s Camp NaNo.

7. Did I mention pre-NaNo cleaning? This is not a waste of writing time … yet.

There’s nothing like a sailor man swabbing the deck. So now you’re inspired to do the same.

Because you want to neglect the house with a clear conscience. And joyfully, right? Clean now, ignore later.

Photo Credit: USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT  Airmen Day and Mc Duffie  swab the deck (Creative Commons)
Photo Credit: Official USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT photo
Airmen Joseph Day and Alexander Mc Duffie swab the deck
(Creative Commons)

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