California Dreaming · Train Love

Riding the rails to sunny California…

trainheader-2bThis afternoon I board the southbound train, riding the rails for 1000 scenic miles to see my parents.

It’s also a marathon editing and reading spree.

Traveling with me are: Friedlander-Self PublishersUltimateRescourceGuide

  • My trusty laptop
  • The final four chapters of my Darcy manuscript
  • My half-finished pirate romance, Persuading Isabella
  • Joel Friedlander’s latest book on self-publishing
  • And the friend of every traveler, Tylenol PM


Beautiful Santa Barbara
Beautiful Santa Barbara, here I come. All Aboard!

Also on this trip, I’m planning a writer meet-up with Roslynn.


In spite of what people say about the Internet, there are awesome friends just waiting to be met.

Speaking of writer meet-ups, Gayle and Robin are also on my list for the summer. Yay! We have been friends for far too long without face time.

Robin and Gayle
Robin and Gayle

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