For the new year, a single word.

EngageThis year I’m skipping the New Year’s resolutions. Mine don’t last long. A week, maybe. Or until the plate of fudge is passed round. (Diet? What diet?)

Instead, I’m choosing one word for the year. The idea is to have clarity and sustained focus. Plus, a single word is easier to remember.

My word for 2014 was READY. Instead of something passive like CONTENTMENT or COPING, I chose something proactive and expectant. After all, I’d been asking God for success. If I pray for wind (like Hudson Taylor did when that ship was becalmed), then I ought to put up the sails.

Did READY change my life? Not in a dramatic way, but yes. It highlighted my need to do more than tread water and be patient. READY challenged the way I approached my in-progress novel, too. It pushed me to keep moving forward, and as a result the book is set for an early-April release.

My word for 2015 is ENGAGE. It’s another “step-up” word. No hanging back, no sitting on my hands, no remaining in my “safe” introvert corner. ENGAGE brings me into contact with people and prods me to join the conversation. I’m in for an exciting ride.

An encouraging word from our friend, Aslan. Because choosing to ENGAGE involves courage,oh yes. (Image Credit: Lancia E Smith. Photo links to her website)[
An encouraging word from our friend, Aslan.
(Image Credit: Lancia E Smith. Photo links to her website.)
How about you? Would you like to choose a word for 2015? Check out

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4 thoughts on “For the new year, a single word.

  1. Laura I can so relate to what you have written.
    I started using ‘My 1 Word for the year’, last year. ‘Launch’ allowed me to maintain focus on the important things of life throughout 2014. For 2015 I believe that the word God has given to me is ‘Build’. Looking forward with anticipation to a very productive year.

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    1. ‘Launch,’ has served you well, for you certainly followed through. Thanks for stopping by, Rod. It’s exciting to see what God has for us in 2015. Happy building! 🙂


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