April’s A to Z Challenge

"The struggle is real." Photo: Alex Indigo (Creative Commons Flickr)
Write, write! Keep going! Take no prisoners! And whatever you do, do not look down!

When Spring Break comes, my calendar goes out the window. Seriously, I am still thinking it’s March 21st, my first day of vacation. And it’s the 29th. Which means Wednesday is April 1st. And that–no fooling–marks the beginning of April’s Blogging From A to Z Challenge. Six blog posts per week, one each day. A month-long marathon for bloggers.

For last year’s challenge (being my first), I wrote a series of articles about how to write romantic comedy, which you can find here. I was set to continue the series this year, using excerpts from my new book. Except the new book isn’t published or even finished. Almost, but not quite.

But A to Z is supposed to be short daily posts, not articles. So instead I will be pulling from my collection favorite quotations on life and writing. Short, but something to think about. And—oh, man, I just remembered something. April also means Camp NaNoWriMo, and I promised myself 10,000 words for that.

Looks like my April is going to be all about words. And madness. Cue the scary music!


Photo: Alex Indigo (Creative Commons Flickr). Image is link.

2 thoughts on “April’s A to Z Challenge

  1. All I have to do is look at the accompanying picture, and I know I don’t want to commit to this. I’m deathly afraid of heights. There’s a bridge in Charlotte, NC, that I absolutely refuse to drive across. I pulled off the extremely busy interstate last year and switched places with my daughter (which was probably more dangerous than driving across the bridge) so that she could drive across it for me.

    I do admire your determination and fearlessness. Onward, Laura!

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  2. I get talked into things by friends. And by the realization that I have got to keep going.

    As for Camp NaNo, 500 words a day—not finished, pretty words! —for 30 days will give me 15,000 words. My Camp NaNo goal is 10,000. So it’s doable, but only if I stay the course.

    The lesson of my life: Stay on course. (Well, and stay on budget!) I am too eager to say, “Enough for today. Let’s sit around and talk.”


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