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Time to Grid!

I’m editing this week. And oh boy, I’ve found solid help.

Interested in checking this out? Here is the link to all five parts of Shawn Coyne’s mini-course: The Story Grid.

I’ve learned how to use a Googledocs spreadsheet and everything. So much easier than my poor handwritten “map.” That thing became so unwieldy that I abandoned it. I continued to write, but I lost track of details.

Darcy By Any Other Name map. Notice the changes! Gah.
Darcy By Any Other Name map. Notice the changes! Gah.

So far, the macro view of my novel looks spot-on. Since Darcy By Any Other Name has only one chapter to go, I’m content to follow the mini-course.

I’ll be buying and using The Story Grid for all future projects. As a tool it’s that solid and that helpful. Here’s the link to the Kindle edition.

Many thanks to Shawn Coyne for sharing his system with indie authors. And also to my friend and fellow writer, Susan Kaye for the recommendation.

5 thoughts on “Time to Grid!

    1. After I finish this one, there will be one more…

      As usual, the ending keeps growing. Oh, the drama! But yes, the finish is in sight. I’m planning to post the final installment at Beyond Austen early Sunday, September 12th.

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  1. I’m a huge fan. I just started using his story grid and love it. It’s like a bright light bulb went off in my head and continues shining all the time. Initially I bought the kindle edition, but love the Story Grid so much, I also bought the hard copy ( big paperback). I needed to have the book in my actual hands. He is the greatest. I love that he uses one of my all time favorite books and movie , Silence of the Lambs, for examples. Best of luck to you.

    Melissa Sugar


    1. Thanks for the review, Melissa. I agree, when it comes to reference-type books, the print version is best. I like being able to flip back and forth and showcase important pages with sticky notes, etc.

      What I have done with how-to books is buy the Kindle edition, and then as I work in my classroom (or as I drive) the Creepy Kindle Man can read to me. 🙂

      (I must say, the readers for the Kindle Fire are less creepy than the original Kindle.)


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