What ships are made for


“Fair winds and a following sea.” There’s a reason that this is called the sailor’s blessing. The sea is never at rest.

And in leaving port, I take a risk. Several of them, actually. Most are unforeseen.

But foul weather is what ships are made for. I’ve been content to be a houseboat, safe in the harbor. Not anymore!

On the sidebar: a Book Release Countdown. Because it’s September already. Almost time for me to cast off and head into open water.

Wind and waves are part of the journey. The ship in this video isn’t falling apart. And the crew, though scared, enjoys the thrill of the ride.

It’ll be fun to tell tall tales before a snug and merry fire. Later, after the storm has been weathered and before the next one hits.

~ High Winds graphic (Aristotle Onassis quotation) found at: Launch Out ~

11 thoughts on “What ships are made for

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read the statement in the woodcut scene before. Thanks for posting it. I’m looking forward to your next book. This long, hard year is moving on.

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    1. That countdown keeps me focused, Robin. Overnight it went from “1 Month” to “30 days.” Now it says “29.”

      One week today I start school. I am in my classroom as I type this!

      And the beat goes on…

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  2. Ah! school. So far so good at my school. I have a 7:10 breakfast meeting tomorrow. On the upside, it’s a dress down day. I’m allowed to wear jeans and a T shirt.


    1. It’s dress down day for me as well–all week. In fact, I can wear jeans and a T shirt every day, but I don’t. High authority clothes allow me to lean on the desk and joke with students. There’s no issue who’s boss. And the first week of school? My black skirt suit, every day.

      When I wear jeans and a T shirt to school (this week) it usually means is that there’s cleanup work to be done in my classroom.

      Today I have a friend coming to the house for coffee in an hour–a double bonus for Sepsis Recovery Girl. I will love seeing her AND I have a reason to get the living room and dining room tidied up. Lest you scold me, I’ve got the pomodoro timer going–25 minutes of picking up, 25 minutes of sitting on the sofa resting (cruising social media). It’s amazing how much I am getting done! 🙂


      1. Music classes are different – especially in elementary school. Since I’m dancing and singing with the children, I have to wear New Balance shoes (broke my ankle a few years ago). I can’t really dress up with those shoes.


  3. There is no Frigate like a Book (1286)

    There is no Frigate like a Book
    To take us Lands away
    Nor any Coursers like a Page
    Of prancing Poetry –
    This Traverse may the poorest take
    Without oppress of Toll –
    How frugal is the Chariot
    That bears the Human Soul –

    Everything reminds me of a poem or song. I thought I’d share this one since you wrote of ships.

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    1. Thank you, thank you for sharing this, Robin. It is one of my favorites too, and I needed the reminder today. I write the kinds of books I like to read. And I sometimes forget (like today, as I’m looking at my manuscript with critical, perfectionistic eyes) that a well-told story is a wonderful discovery–even if I’m the one telling it.

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