It’s Caturday–I mean, Saturday!

Onyx and Domino, the sleepy “grandcat” brothers. (Photos: Ben Lyons)
Domino, the urbane.
Domino, the urbane.

The Facebook truism about cat photos is spot-on. Everybody loves cats! I’ve had more “Likes” for Onyx and Domino than for anything else I’ve shared.

Unlike dogs (who are cheerful), cats express a variety of moods. Unabashed laziness, open scorn, purring contentment, tail-in-the-air disdain. We loves all of it!

If only managing life’s relationships were this easy. A pat with a velveted paw or a warning scratch. And then a little cuddle. Meow!

Domino, annoyed
Domino, the not-so-urbane

Writers prefer cats because they are undemanding. Well, most of the time. We can say, “Go away, Kitty!” when we need to work. Sometimes the cat goes! Or he’ll fall asleep on the keyboard…

Eat, sleep, purr–that sounds good to me. A lengthy, honest stretch and a nap in the afternoon sun. Ah, the simple feline life!

3 thoughts on “It’s Caturday–I mean, Saturday!

  1. Dogs are supposed to be stupidly happy, but Toby has been depressed since Chloe moved to California. He’s ridiculously needy, and if I don’t give him the required amount of attention, he pees in his cage.

    Maybe he’s really a cat.

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