35-Day Author Blog Challenge: My Purpose

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a teacher and an author. I’m an encouarager, too, which is helpful because I work with teens.

EngageAlas, I am also a online Lurker. I will faithfully follow a forum, but am reluctant to comment or engage. Tell you what, in today’s social media world being a Lurker is not a bonus! So I’ve been learning to step out and join the conversation.

Here’s the thing about fiction writers: we often hide behind our stories. If you read my books, what you will learn about me is a lot. My characters allow my snark side to emerge! But in the harsh light of real life? I’m guarded and careful, thinking too much before I speak.

But a blog is supposed to be personal. It’s also supposed to be interesting! What if I have nothing? Ha, during the next 35 days we’ll see what I come up with.

And then there’s my Blogging Personality: The Star. This is not my idea! Jeff Goins identified encouragers–whose message is “I did this and you can too!” –as having a personality-driven blog. He calls this being a Star. Seriously? As if I were, like, a Kardashian or something?

Curious to see what kind of blogger you are? Here’s the link to the webinar replay: The Five Most Powerful Blogging Personalities and How to Identify Yours. I highly recommend Jeff’s blog as well.

A blog is also supposed to include pictures. Here I am, having hiked with a bunch of men who were booking it. Gad.
A blog is also supposed to include pictures. So here I am, having hiked up a mountain with a bunch of men in Trai1 Overdrive Mode. It’s like they were booking it up those hills. Gad.

I’m releasing a book in October, this time under my own steam as an indie author. Am I ready? (Is ‘kind of’ even an answer?) So I’ll be blogging about that too.

For me, autumn is about new beginnings, so this challenge has come at the right time. Thanks so much for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “35-Day Author Blog Challenge: My Purpose

  1. Hi Laura,
    Love your honesty … and the timing of it for you! ha ha! Laughed at your comment about being the star and the Kardashians and the expression on your face after going in Trail Overdrive up the mountain. Like, do you believe this? LOL. I’m so curious to learn more about your new book!
    So glad you took up this challenge!

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  2. While you may be an encourager, never confuse that–The Star–with being a celebrity–a Kardashian. Celebrity are like those known, but useless facts we pick up along the way. Example: Ecuadorian banana exports for 1965 tripled from those of 1940. (I don’t know if Ecuador even grows bananas, much less what their export numbers are if they do. See how useless a Kardashian can be?)

    Good luck, Star.

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    1. Fortunately I don’t have a staff of publicists making suggestions for outrageous behavior. (Not that the Kardashians need suggestions, but still.) I must come up with ideas to blog about, a challenge even in the most interesting of times. 🙂


  3. Ah, a Lurker. Yup, that sounds like me, too. Actually, that sounds more like me than you, my friend. Keep going and we’ll keep reading and one of these days, I may actually get my writing going too, so my good hubby tells me.

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    1. Every time I see you, Vivian, you tell the most entertaining real-life stories. Write them down, please. And then you can work with them. Because your experiences growing up in small-town eastern Oregon is a lost world to most moderns. So worth telling!


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