Day 12: Nonfiction novels?

ME-yourlifeIs this even possible? Today’s prompt says that it is. So…

Meet the Mercy’s Embrace novels as a nonfiction series! Here you will discover self-help at its finest. Miss Elliot plots and schemes, and now you can too!

Because every woman should live as a Romance Heroine at least once in her life, right? If not now, when?

Said another way, how thoroughly can you mess things up by behaving like a diva? Sadly, what works in fiction doesn’t fly in real life. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try…

GibsonGirlIn my three “nonfiction novels” you will discover how to:

  • Tell if your father is a liar
  • Recognize a precarious financial situation
  • Identify lecherous gentlemen
  • Spot fake gemstones (even if they’re yours)
  • Tolerate a sister who cares nothing for society
  • Survive betrayal by a companion and friend
  • Lie your head off when the occasion demands it
  • Snub your new brother-in-law
  • Tell off an odious cousin
  • Handle disappointment without tears
  • Deliver a stunning put-down to a pert naval officer
  • Recognize that lying isn’t worth it
  • Learn to function without resorting to lies
  • Converse politely with a man who isn’t worth your time
  • Find friendship (and love) in unlikely places
  • Experience true love and heartbreak
  • Identify loyalty and support
  • Realize that forgiveness is a two-way street
  • Discover why trust is important
  • Grab your one chance for Happily Ever After before it is too late

Useful coping strategies, no? If you live! That’s all for today. If you’d like to see what other challenge authors are blogging about, you can find their blogs here.


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