Day 17: Shaking my head, smiling

Photo: Stephen Depolo (Creative Commons Flickr)
Photo: Stephen Depolo (Creative Commons Flickr)

Surprises? Along the way there have been a few. Like the cover of my third book printing out as gray, not the blue you see displayed on the sidebar image. “Oh well,” said the designer. “Oh well,” said the publisher.

A friend made up a song: “Sell…gray books in cyber space,” he sang. “And put on a happy face.” So that’s what I did. The gray color really doesn’t matter.

And then there were the awesome surprises revealed by Google. A routine search brought up reviews of my books. Not on Amazon, but on blogs!

Blogs? Yes, book review blogs were new in those days. (And 2010 wasn’t all that long ago!) These dear reviewers bought my books and then wrote about them: Alexa (First Impressions) and Meredith (Austenesque Reviews), and Jane (Reading, Writing, Working, Playing), and Chautona (Paradoxology). I remember sitting there just staring at the screen. Talk about shock and awe!

I must also add my cousins to the list–who read my books and liked them. Okay, so my mom sent them copies, but still. (I begged her not to, but did she listen?)

Here I am, “Little Cousin Laura”

You have to understand a few things about my extended family:

  • They’re successful (most are entrepreneurs)
  • They have traveled extensively
  • They were educated at top-drawer schools
  • They’re good-looking
  • Most are athletic

I have been in awe of these literate, attractive, well-to-do people since I was a girl. Never did these older cousins put me down or act condescendingly–it’s just that they were just so successful. And I was so, you know,  ordinary.

And they liked my books. Along with a bunch of other people. Who would have thought? I’m shaking my head and smiling, yes.

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8 thoughts on “Day 17: Shaking my head, smiling

  1. Ha! You crack me up, Laura!
    Loved the photo you posted and also the song your friend made up.
    And the thing about your family. So like me. My aunt sent copies of my book to my father’s side of the family. One was a genius and worked for Howard Hughes aeronautics and was married to a Russian woman for a time. Another lived on a houseboat in California and was a professed atheist (yes, being given a faith-based book!), a third lived on a ranch in Denver. His son worked for a rodeo. Another lived in the California wine country and had a Japaneae wife (he has since passed away). I never did find out what they thought of my book as we don’t communicate. Wishing I had finished the one about my dad while everyone was still alive. They would have all loved that one! LOL. I’m so glad your cousins liked your book! I love that you brought up this family thing. It’s kind of been sitting around in the closet of my mind for awhile. 🙂
    Have a great day!

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    1. Thanks to the wonder of Internet links, I can explain in detail. Ready? Here are a few–but not all–of my high-achieving cousins (these are the ones I could easily find on-line). This is the yardstick by which I measure myself:

      Here is Reed. He founded his own architectural firm in New York City, no small feat. In his spare time, he competes in bicycle races.

      His sister, graduate of Stanford, lives in a house like this in San Francisco (photo is not her house). She is active in the community, regularly swims in the frigid San Francisco Bay, and is married to Carlos, a federal judge.

      Cousin Greg is a realtor in an upscale area in Southern California. He is married to Claire, and with a friend they founded Claire’s on Cedros, where she is executive chef.

      Are you starting to get the idea?

      Here is my late cousin Tom. No doubt you saw footage of him in this 2014 Mazda commercial A World Snowboarding Champion (1983) and World Champion Skateboarder (1975), he invented the snowboard, was a pioneer in the sport, and with his father founded Sims Skateboards. In 1985 Tom was a stunt double for Roger Moore in the James Bond film A View To A Kill (link is to the scene) Yes, he even rode the snowboard across that (unfrozen) lake.

      So, yeah, the bar is pretty darn high. 🙂


      1. You’ve told me all this. My answer: so? Your accomplishment is not, in my opinion, affected by how accomplished they may be. No one’s are.

        Particularly since they did nothing to help you write the book or publicize it.

        And, considering how many books I have NOT liked though recommended by accomplished people, I can only say that someone else’s opinion is nice to have but is not necessarily a vital thing to have.

        You’re impressed because they are impressed. I’m impressed because I know you and know that finishing is a book is one of the toughest things a person can do.


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