Day 23: Captain O’Manly and me

pirate-clipart-KWThat’s his name: O’Manly. And he’s a pirate. I know, right? But the prompt asks which of my characters I’d like to meet up with, and he immediately came to mind.

It has to do with the twinkly blue eyes and the wide smile. And the outrageous name he chose for himself. The swashbuckling thing appeals to me today, right down to his anchor tattoo. Or is it a ship? I forget.

Anyway, I’ve decided to work on his book for NaNoWriMo next month. Not that I’ll finish! Report cards and teacher conference week pull the wind from my NaNo sails each year. But 20,000  words is much better than nothing. I’d like to release Captain O’Manly’s book before summer.

Photo: Portland Tribune (Image is link to article)
Woody Royale burger and homemade strawberry-peach pie. Count me in! Photo: Portland Tribune (Image is link to article)

Where To meet? Tilt, of course. It’s a blue-collar burger joint near the shipyard on Swan Island. Salt air and swagger and man-food. He’d be right at home–anyone would. Get a look at that burger!

Why him? Because I need the low-down on his backstory. Why a life of piracy? Who is Mr. Pike? And why would the man kidnap Isabella, the lass who has captured O’Manly’s heart? This inquiring author wants to know!

Here’s hoping good eats and house-brewed beer will get O’Manly talking. Otherwise I’ll have to start making stuff up.

Which character do the other challenge authors want to meet? I’ll be visiting their blogs to find out. Here’s the list of participants. Thanks for stopping by!

~ Vintage pirate illustration is by Walter H. Everett ~

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