Day 24: Book Signing and the Contact High

Laura Hile, Susan Kaye, Pamela Aidan, C. Allyn Pierson
Author Line-up: Laura Hile with Susan Kaye, Pamela Aidan, C. Allyn Pierson

Today’s prompt wants to know all about my first book signing. So I’m taking you on a smiling trip down memory lane.

I was invited to sit at the author’s table at the annual general meeting of the Jane Austen Society of North America. The year was 2010 and the host city was Portland. And I was a brand-new author.

Pioneer Courthouse Square Photo: David Wilson (Creative Commons Flickr)
Photo: David Wilson (Creative Commons Flickr)

Dear Portland. There are a few things about our downtown that you need to understand: 

    • Parking can be expensive and sometimes hard to find, so it’s smart to ride in on the MAX train. That’s what Susan Kaye and I did.
    • To get to the Hilton, we had to cross Pioneer Courthouse Square.
    • Besides tourists, many people hang out there, like, all day.
    • Portland law enforcement doesn’t really enforce cannabis laws. Yeah, marijuana use in public. There’s a lot of that.
Photo: Parker Knight
Photo: Parker Knight (Creative Commons Flickr)

So there were clouds of pot smoke in the air on that bright October afternoon. I was already nervous–who knew what kind of reception we would have? This was the leading Jane Austen event for the year, and we’d be meeting Austen purists. Our genre was still very new–would we be snubbed? And then Susan Kaye and I began to giggle.

Great. Our first formal author event, and we had a Contact High.  Way to make a good impression! We found our publisher, managed to shake off the giggles, and had a wonderful time. It was a prime opportunity to people watch, oh yes. And to meet readers and fellow authors, such as C. Allyn Pierson. We even sold a few books!

Photo: Wildcat Dunny
Photo: Wildcat Dunny (Creative Commons Flickr)

As for pot, on October 1, 2015, recreational use became legal for adults. This presents many interesting scenarios for Oregonians. Like the guy featured on the news who said, “Hey, it’s legal! How come I lost my job?”

Bummer, dude. You can’t come to work stoned, any more than you can come to work drunk. Life is cruel like that.

So there you have it–the story of my first book signing. See you tomorrow!

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