Day 26: Um, Bookstores?

Not the way we buy books anymore Photo: Bill Taroli (Creative Commons Flickr)
Powell’s City of Books: Sadly, this is not the way we buy books anymore. Photo: Bill Taroli (Creative Commons Flickr)

I don’t know about where you live, but around here traditional bookstores–offering new, not used, print editions–have all but disappeared. Save for Powell’s, which is a Portland icon, a destination for tourists and locals alike. Today’s prompt asks about non-bookstore sales. I’m thinking that’s all I’ve got!

Non-bookstore retail is suited to non-fiction. Self-help books at Lowe’s Hardware, for example, or gardening books at Al’s Garden Center. Business development books at Staples or Office Depot.

But novels? These would need a specialty tie-in. As a cozy mystery with a dog might sell at a pet store. But romance?

Now if I wrote bodice rippers I could see about Frederick’s of Hollywood! Then again, perhaps that clientele would be more interested in a how-to…

E-book editions account for most of my sales, and print books are purchased from on-line retailers.Β I’m not repining. Thanks to print on demand, all of my books are available–the entire back list.

On-line shelf space is endless. Not so with a physical store, where a book must keep selling or out it goes.

On-line, the shelf space is unlimited. Photo: LW Yang (Creative Commons Flickr)
Only so much room, even in a giant bookstore like Powell’s. Photo: LW Yang (Creative Commons Flickr)

A book table at Jane Austen events is another idea. However, living this far west puts me at a disadvantage. I’d need to recover some of the expenses of travel, and with what I’ve experienced with book table sales, well…meeting wonderful people is the real benefit. Exposure and buzz for later sales…

On-line e-book promotion–reaching readers outside of Amazon–is where I need to be. So I’ve been looking into services like BookBub and book review bloggers to help spread the word.

Thanks to a Staff Development Day, I have a three-day weekend! Our wonderful principal has given us the day–no meetings! So it’s Edit Lockdown for me. My goal is to get the final page number finalized so that Darcy By Any Other Name can be released.

10 thoughts on “Day 26: Um, Bookstores?

  1. Your post puts me in mind of The Little Shoppe Around the Corner in You’ve Got Mail. It’s just sad. But I’m glad you’re getting a looooong weekend. And I’m very glad you’ve designated the day for DBAON. Happy writing!

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    1. One of my very favorite movies, The Shop Around the Corner. And it’s remake, You’ve Got Mail.

      Delightful to know that you’re home and on the mend. Praying for you, my friend, even during the night watches. Rest up. We don’t want you straying into sepsis territory like I did. πŸ™‚

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      1. I went for a follow-up visit today. No work until Monday. Turns out I was also anemic and my lungs don’t fill up like they should. So now I have a laundry list of “to-do” items every day. This whole sick thing is beginning to get on my last thin nerve.

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        1. Let me guess. For your whole life you’ve had perfect health, and now…

          Not used to the sick thing either. Not used to taking it easy or pacing myself. I’m sitting here at my desk, after school, light-headed and dizzy because of too much waking around, pushing chairs, closing the classroom for the weekend. SIGH.

          I’ll be fine. I just have to drink a lot of water and sit still.


          1. Yep, drinking water and sitting still. That’s on my agenda for tomorrow, too. I’m so glad you’ll have a chance to get some extra rest this weekend. Take care of yourself. You’re the only you that you have. πŸ™‚


  2. Barnes and Boarders both vanished from our area within six months of each other. Than BAM downsized to a shop about the size of a closet. There is always the library which hosts about seven or eight JAFF books, but the nearest store is Super Barnes in Valpo which is 30-40 minutes away. Really disappointing, since it was at our “closed” Barnes that I discovered JAFF. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a display table with at least 20 P&P variations/sequels what have you. I went crazy and bought them all. That was before I went into cyberspace and even heard about forums or Amazon. Now of course, I have to buy everything online. It’s all gone. Very Sad. Jen

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      1. All fixed! I have learned to buy Amazon cards at the grocery store, and then load them onto my account. When I see a book I want, BAM, it’s mine–right then. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Merlene. This blog challenge is accomplishing its work. Every morning I sit down and get to thinking as I write that day’s post. πŸ™‚


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