Day 28: Social Media, baby!

Photo: Jason Howie (Creative Commons Flickr)
The world at our fingertips.  Photo: Jason Howie (Creative Commons Flickr)

For today’s indie author, social media is the only game in town. It’s the most effective way to promote my books.

Most of my sales are ebooks. And with a series? An eager reader can get the next book right away. It’s kind of perfect for word-of-mouth impulse buying. See it, click it, read it. Shazam!

For me, writing has always included the Internet. My fledgling work? Chapters posted in a fiction forum. I did not realize it then, but by putting free stories in front of readers, I was growing a fan base. In those days it was all about message boards and websites. Not anymore!

Facebook, blogs, and Twitter have made static websites obsolete–and these three are where I invest my time. My publisher sent out an email blast when each of my books were released (2009, 2010), but it was the book review bloggers who spread the word. Plus, I’ve received encouragement and promotion advice from writers I’ve met in Facebook groups. Hooray for social media!

How do I use social media?

  • Facebook and Twitter enable me to connect with readers.
  • Blogging here (and at Jane Started It!) allows readers to get to know me
  • Twitter extends my reach through use of hashtags and shares
  • Like-minded writers’ groups spread the book love through retweets
  • Book review / book promotion blogs put my books in front of new eyes
  • I am on Goodreads as an author, but interact only as a reader

What’s next? Many authors swear by Instagram. And since my Nathan plans to give me his lightly-used smartphone, one of these days I’ll be trying that. As to book promotion, Pinterest remains a beautiful mystery, and a scary time sink…

I’ll close with this  helpful graphic, found at Creative Commons. Because social media is an excellent promotional tool, if used with relationships in mind.

At long last it is raining here. Perfect reading weather, I say! I hope your weekend is a good one!

Graphic: Kivi Leroux Miller (Creative Commons Flickr)
Graphic: Kivi Leroux Miller (Creative Commons Flickr)

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