Day 33: What’s next?

Agatha Christie's Typewriter
One of Agatha Christie’s typewriters 

Today’s headline brings a smile. I’m struggling to teach through each school day and then pick away at Darcy’s book morning and evening. And the prompt is asking for more?

Indeed yes. Writing is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business. No resting on today’s laurels! Must keep that forward momentum going!

Ah, but the sidebar thingy gives a clue: two books are in the works. Because one can never have too much stuff and nonsense from me!

  • Captain O’Manly in Anyone But A Pirate!  I’m set to work on–but not finish–this novella-length book during November’s NaNoWriMo. So far I’m 20k words in.
  • Sir Walter Elliot’s Marrying Well for Fun & Profit. Now that I know how to format, these advice columns will be released in ebook form. Not to be outdone by her father, Mary’s Pride & Precedence columns will also be included.
Cheesy promotional photo with Domino
Cheesy Mercy’s promotional photo featuring Domino. Photo: Ben Lyons Book addition: Me!

After that, perhaps a mystery series of some kind. Cozies are my favorite book escape, and I’ve long been wanting to do something with a Captain James Benwick-like character. You know, the smart but ordinary-looking fellow who is noticed by no one?

A continuation of Mercy’s Embrace? Maybe. The Austen world’s aversion to Elizabeth Elliot is surprisingly strong. So all three books needs rebranding for the Regency Romance market, including a set of Damonza covers. We’ll see.

The crazy thing–if all goes according to plan–is that by summer I could have six (6) books in the stable. That’s double what I have now. Best of all, Sir Walter’s book was blogged. Meaning that it’s already written!

Only two days left in the 35-Day Author Blog Challenge! I’ve been doing what James Scott Bell says: “Type hard, type fast.” See you tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Day 33: What’s next?

    1. I know, I know! (Maybe I’ll be even with you for once.) Sir Walter’s is already half formatted! But I want O’Manly’s book to come out on the heels of Darcy’s. Tossing my hat into the non-Austen arena…

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    1. You were right. When you suggested it, I thought I should include artwork–and I didn’t know how to format, not having the software. Now I do, and the artwork adds nothing. At three pages per post (52 posts–one per week, like an inspirational book?), I have a respectable page count!


      1. Listen to Auntie Sue. I know good ideas when I see them. Heck when I have them It’s just execution that trips me up. Sir Walter’s advice column is a winner.

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