Day 35: Like ‘LeapFrog’ for my blog

In other words, keep the momentum going. And going and going…

LeapFrog! Photo: Chicago's NorthShore Conventions and Visitors Bureau (Creative Commons Flickr)
LeapFrog! Give a back! Don’t stop! Photo: Chicago’s North Shore Conventions and Visitors Bureau (Creative Commons Flickr)

Today is the final day of the 35-Day Challenge. Now it’s up to me to maintain the ground I’ve gained.

Staying with the flow is the secret to writing.  Like most secrets, momentum is elusive. It’s like a surfer catching a clean, unbroken wave. It doesn’t happen all the time. “Just keep paddling–get in position–timing is everything–then pop up!” Just keep writing is what I tell myself.

Posting daily? I’m sure going to try. This month I’ve learned how to draw stories from my life to share. And I’ve become more adept at pushing that ‘Publish’ button even when the post isn’t perfect. Keeping it real…

Photo: AndreaPlanet (Creative Commons Flickr)
Oh, to run joyously! Photo: AndreaPlanet (Creative Commons Flickr)

This month I’ve also discovered some great fellow bloggers. Momentum and search engine optimization and new friends? A win all the way around.

Thanks so much for coming with me on this journey. I’ll be back tomorrow, counting down the days until NaNoWriMo begins. Happy weekend!

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