Captain O'Manly · Countdown to NaNo

NaNo Countdown 13: Inspiration

NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerI’m looking ahead to NaNoWriMo. No, better make that NaNoKindofMo. It’s “kind of” because I know better than to jump at the moon. Fifty-thousand words at this time of year is simply beyond my reach.

Every year I’m done in by report cards and parent-conference week. But the camaraderie and momentum of NaNo are too useful to miss. This year I’m aiming at 500 words per day. Not finished work or even polished paragraphs.

Just words, 20k useful words. Untangling plot problems, getting a sea battle on paper, and diving deep into backstory.

Photo: Allas 0591 (Creative Commons Flickr)
Avast, mates! Look lively! Photo: Allas 0591 (Creative Commons Flickr)

My inspiration? A fun pirate romance that wouldn’t stay short. A swashbuckling hero, a fairy tale heroine–and a couple of villains I haven’t quite figured out.

Then too, there’s the Darcy book launch. Yes,  many reasons to keep that “kind-of” qualifier in NaNo. There’s plenty to do in November.

Stories stall when they veer in the wrong direction,.so I’m heading in with a knife. Pirate stories love weapons, and so do I when there are scenes to be cut. None involving Captain O’Manly, I might add. Right from the start he jumped off the page, with me scrambling after to keep up. That man’s already got a fan base!

Researching proper pirate-speak has been a hoot. And then there’s rereading pirate classics: Captain Blood and Treasure Island and Queen of the Black Coast. *Laura rubs her hands and chortles* Yes, this should be fun.

For the next two weeks I’ll be keeping limber with pre-NaNo blog posts. Maybe not daily, but as often as I can. Many thanks to Melony for coming up with a list of handy prompts.

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