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NaNo Countdown 12: Charting It

Photo: Kate Ter Haar (Creative Commons Flickr)
Details, details. Don’t lose track! Photo: Kate Ter Haar (Creative Commons Flickr)

Character Charts! That’s what today’s pre-NaNo prompt asks for. And I have to smile. What will my high school students be doing on Thursday? A detailed five-page character chart for their hero / heroine.

Screenwriters assemble ‘Story Bibles,’ so why shouldn’t my students do the same? I want them sharing a sense of camaraderie with their professional counterparts, the people who write their favorite shows. After all, somebody has to write the screenplays for the next generation, right? Somebody has to come up with the next blockbuster novel. Might as well be one of my students.  (Or, well…me.)

So O’Manly’s chart has been a hoot to fill out. 

  • What would be a pirate captain’s most irrational fear?
  • Things that embarrass him?
  • Subjects he is highly opinionated about?
  • Defining gestures and movements?
  • Superstitions? Phobias? Pet peeves?
  • Theme song that plays every time he enters a room?

First and foremost NaNo is about fun–and so is a pirate story. I tend to focus on serious stuff, like making the daily word count. How can I have forgotten the WriMo’s slogan  (circa 2002)?

“Let’s write laughably awful yet lengthy prose together!”  That’s the spirit! Armed with my answers to the chart’s questions, I’ll be more than ready for November.

4 thoughts on “NaNo Countdown 12: Charting It

    1. Working with O’Manly’s chart, yes. But I can’t share it with you, you know. Spoilers are no fun. Suffice it to say, “crocodile” won’t be his biggest fear, as Captain Hook sagged it first!

      As you’ve done with your new story, I’m thinking a “fantasy-reality” touch is needed. More fairy tale brings extra fun and stretches my creative brain.

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