NaNo Countdown 11: Music? Yarr!

BlowYeA writing soundtrack for NaNoWriMo? Oh, yes. For this project, you know the answer. I’ll be having pirate music, of course!

First, some borrowing from my CD collection at school. (I play classical, jazz, and folk music while students work.)

  • Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack–a favorite of students since 2003. Reserved for study hall on Friday afternoons. Begged for at other times, but (heartlessly) denied.
  • The Shifty Sailors’ Haul On–seafaring classics for everyone performed by a 17-man chorus from Whidbey Island.

IrishPirateA search of the library’s on-line catalog unearthed these treasures. Some of them I’m itching to own!

Have time for a merry ballad? This one’s a beauty.

4 thoughts on “NaNo Countdown 11: Music? Yarr!

  1. whiskey in the jar is a fairly popular piece sung by most irish groups, including my favorite, Marc Gunn (Irish and Celtic Music Podcast and coincidentally they sing of the “Isle of Tortuga”, which one of my favorite authors (Michael Reisig) writes about.—-Treasure-Tortuga-ebook/dp/B00S6VA6LS/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445385990&sr=1-1&keywords=the+treasure+of+tortuga
    fun to get into this stuff, huh!

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