NaNo Countdown 10: Setting Profile

Photo: Carola Ferrero (Creative Commons Flickr)
It’s autumn, and this is the (imaginary) River Croix. Photo: Carola Ferrero (Creative Commons Flickr)

My NaNo pirate story takes place in a mythical European kingdom, as yet unnamed (sorry). It’s part fairy tale, part late-17th-century fun.

The overall tone is surprisingly cheerful. The Princess Bride, anyone?

So I dug around a bit at Creative Commons.  Images are more fun than words. Besides, this is preliminary work. Visuals help creativity.

Photo: Norbert Reimer (Creative Commons Flickr)
A woodland path leads to Isabella’s prison. Photo: Norbert Reimer (Creative Commons Flickr)

Isabella’s tower is hidden deep in the woods. Her uncle travels there by boat, and thus it is that Captain O’Manly learns of her. He later returns and climbs up for a look.

Will he lose his heart? Well, sure! She’s nothing like the monster he expected.

Later, Isabella is kidnapped and taken to sea. Game on for O’Manly, as he and his ragtag crew mount a rescue. And I get to figure out a sea battle.

Photo: Rob Bixby (Creative Commons Flickr)
A galleon (for tourists). I must bring it to life in a battle! Photo: Rob Bixby (Creative Commons Flickr)

Below, a possible visual for our hero and heroine. Nothing yet for the scheming uncle or villainous earl. Not really a surprise, since it’s the middle of the story that is lacking. I have my work cut out for me in November!

So this pair (at the Jane Austen Festival, Louisville) are *not quite* Elizabeth Elliot and Admiral McGillvary--ha, he looks like a long-haired pirate journeyman! --but the vibe is there.
A fine piratical fellow! (Jane Austen Festival, Louisville)


“The middle belongs to the villain.” And so will tomorrow’s post, according to the prompt.

Ta-da! The Newsletter sign-up is live on the sidebar. Moving forward, I am. One baby step at a time. Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “NaNo Countdown 10: Setting Profile

    1. I don’t have time—but I have to finish O’Manly’s book by the time school’s out. So I’m jumping in, even though many details are lacking. Like basically the entire middle of the book? I keep reminding myself that this isn’t finished prose, it’s exploration. And trying stuff out. 🙂

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