The Three Doors

Photo: Jason Rogers (Creative Commons Flickr)
Leftovers are a prize when one lives on student loan money. (Nathan wants you to know that this isn’t him!) Photo: Jason Rogers (Creative Commons Flickr)

NaNo is here, and I have a lot on my plate. Manuscript proofreading and a new Regency story, along with all the end of quarter stuff at school–report cards, parent conferences. (Alas, I’ve set aside the poor pirate story until December.)

So I will be living like my second son, the graduate student. He is busy always. I can be downstairs for hours and not know that he is home.

Why we don't have cats! Photo: Alisha Vargis (Creative Commons Flickr)
I couldn’t resist including this photo. Why we don’t have cats, right? It must be really hot inside, or else they are just that hungry. Photo: Alisha Vargas (Creative Commons Flickr)

One day last week I realized that around here Nathan opens three doors:

  • The front door
  • The refrigerator door
  • and his bedroom door

Meaning that he comes home, gets food, and goes upstairs to do homework. That’s where he is right now. He has three papers and a massive midterm next week. And I have a wad of writing–and thinking–to do.

I’ve put a word count thingy on the sidebar–the one with the evil calendar. When I miss, that day is red. My goal is to write words–even junk words–every day. So far so good!

4 thoughts on “The Three Doors

  1. Hi, Laura. Well, your friendly snail has just signed up for Nano. The present is all we have, no matter what’s going on in it, isn’t it? We’ll see what happens.

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    1. Girl! Good for you!

      Now then, do keep in mind that “Word Count is King.” This means you throw any and everything onto the page. Write now, clean up later.

      The beauty of NaNo is that is jolts us out of a rut. All that mass whining is so empowering, right?

      If you have people in your present that are a pain, write them into the story. They’ll change as you work with them, but it’s therapy! 🙂


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