Quit and then Start Again

I found this today on Facebook (posted by the author) and I shared it in several writers’ groups. And then I realized that you might like it too.

Stopping and then starting again have become a way of life for me: It’s an everyday battle, not only with writing but with so many important things.ColleenHoover

Art and Fear is not a book for NaNo; it’s the one you’ll need after that. In December or January, once the sweep and swing of NaNo have disappeared. When the floodlights are turned off and you are left alone in the dark with your manuscript and your fear.

Quitting is fundamentally different from stopping.
The latter happens all the time. Quitting happens once.
Quitting means not starting again—and art is all about starting again.

David Bales and Ted Orland, Art and Fear

A search shows that I’ve written about this subject before. Now you know why!

Today will you join me in starting over twice?  That’s the secret. “Never give up, never surrender!”

8 thoughts on “Quit and then Start Again

    1. Vivian, sit down, open a file, and start typing. Do not obsess over what you are writing — this is about word count, not quality. Get your thoughts out there. When I first did NaNo, I hid the screen from my critical eyes with a towel (I did! How sad is that?) and just typed out what was going on in my head. Do not edit. Just write.

      Trust yourself. Trust the stories you have locked inside 🙂


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