When the doctor can’t stop smiling

Not going here! Photo: OregonLive.com (image is link)
Not going here! Not this time! Photo: OregonLive.com (image is link)

Some of you know that I was facing another surgery this December. Happy thought indeed! This would be a more invasive one, involving blood transfusions and everything.

Not that Miss Shake-It-Off Sepsis Recovery Girl has anything against surgery or transfusions, but she would prefer to avoid them. As would anyone.

Many faithful friends prayed. Students prayed. Colleagues prayed. I prayed too, but with a weather eye on my cowardice. I know what a chicken-heart I am! I focused instead on being a good soldier, since my usual perfect health could not be relied upon anymore.

God would see me through this surgery. That is how I looked at it.

In returning to the classroom, I faced many challenges–the stairs, the long hallways, the walk to and from school, the sheer physicality of the job. And yet what could I do but persevere? Movement has always been my friend. Apparently my right kidney finally agrees.

A miracle! The stubborn gunk and most of the small stones that my kidney was guarding so tenaciously suddenly decided to clear out. The CT scan showed significant improvement–hooray! “You are doing fabulously,” my doctor said. This to a patient who came in so often that she felt like an employee!

I tremble to think that Sepsis Recovery Girl can resume her identity as Miss Shake-It-Off. .Not at full strength, but well on my way to normal health…

Again, thank you for your prayers and encouragement. God is good, and apparently there is still more living for me to do. More miles to walk and stairs to climb. New friendships to discover and people to encourage. And, of course, more books to write…

I’ve veered back to the pirate story for NaNo, by the way. I couldn’t identify the “ticking clock” of urgency in the Regency. So ahoy, matey, we’re back on course!

14 thoughts on “When the doctor can’t stop smiling

  1. It’s funny what the human body will do–good and bad–while you’re busy living life. Or, in your case, recovering your life. It’s good to hear the surgery is not in the offing.

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    1. We gots to keep moving forward, right? Fighting to find time and energy to write. Otherwise our lives revolve around work and house chores. No, no! There is more to me than just that! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Wendi. I was so resolved to the necessity of that surgery that letting it go has been a shock. I still can’t quite believe it. My prayer buddies at church do…

      Lots of happy here. 🙂


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