Have you met Mog?

This is way off-topic, but it’s that kind of day. It’s a celebration day–with mourning turned to joy–because all of my students passed their tests. Quarter 1 ends well!

And while checking Facebook at lunch I discovered Mog and his commercial about Christmas sharing. So I’m passing it on to you. Just the thing for Friday the Thirteenth, right?

I love that in his book he’s forgetful. That’s what school stress does to me. Yesterday I staggered home and sat on the sofa staring into space. NaNo daily word count quota? Didn’t even cross my mind! So now I am behind, but not alone. I have Mog the Forgetful Cat to keep me company.

Yes, it’s too early for Christmas stuff. But around here, any time is the right time to enjoy a cat. Happy Friday.

4 thoughts on “Have you met Mog?

  1. At least you know that it’s school stress that makes you forgetful. I’m not sure if I should blame the stress, my old age, or continuing physical issues. So, I just blame it on my pen. When my kids catch a mistake, I just put down the pen and pick up another one. It happens so often, that now they’ll say, “You need a new pen, Ms. Mills. That should be….” Oh, well. At least it’s Friday. I love Fridays. I love Saturdays more.

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  2. Ah, Laura, that was one adorable cat video. And as for being behind in your word count, I’m amazed that you’re doing it at all considering all you are currently busy with, on top of being not back up to full strength. You amaze me, my friend. I’m thrilled that all your students passed. Congratulations. As determined as you always are, I’m sure you’ll do great with NaNo, no matter what your word count winds up being.

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    1. The key was not to get behind. The graduate school slogan, “If you can’t keep up, how are you going to catch up?” applies. 🙂 See the red square on the calendar thingy? Yeah, those. I try to keep those turning green, day by day.

      You are doing splendidly. Go, go!


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