When “The End” is the beginning

Photo: Saida (Creative Commons Flickr)
Just in time for Thanksgiving, a milestone accomplishment to celebrate! Photo: Saida (Creative Commons Flickr)

Late last night–as the clock struck midnight, ha–I wrote and posted the final words of Darcy By Any Other Name. I have been working toward this for a long time. Two-and-a-half years, to be precise. (What can I say? The three Mercy’s Embrace books took eight summers…)

WDisney-ImpossibleThe hours in ICU are long, and one of the things I thought about was how I almost left this earth with the story unfinished. Little did I know that my journey to The End would require another 25,000 words!

This morning I’m taking a moment to savor the victory. This afternoon the manuscript will be sent for Table of Contents pagination, and after that the cover will be finalized. Stay tuned for publication details!

If you’d like to read a lightly-edited version, it’s available at Beyond AustenThis is a password-protected forum, and membership is free. But you’ll have to act quickly. I’ll be taking the story down Tuesday night…

free vintage digi stamp_the end

3 thoughts on “When “The End” is the beginning

  1. Yes, Laura! I will be getting a copy.
    By the way, thanks for turning on a leaf blower into my little leave pile. I’ve spun down the sidewalk a ways. Keep going, my friend.

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