Thankful is a way of life

vintage-thanksgiving-postcard-00282On a field trip recently, since I simply rode in the bus, I took in the autumn sights: the rolling hills with red and golden trees, the clear blue of the sky, the scattered clouds. What if, I thought. What if I had not lived to see this season?

I have every reason to be thankful this year. Is everything perfect? No. But God is good, and I am resourceful. I can adapt, and I can give thanks.

Thank you for following my blog and for your interest in my writing.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving day! Here is one man’s story of thanks.

Because giving thanks isn’t just for a holiday. It’s how happy people live.

4 thoughts on “Thankful is a way of life

  1. I did, Vivian…and I did all the cooking and most of the clean-up. My designated helper, Nathan, came down sick on Wednesday. Michael had to work all day, and Don was busy too.

    The benefits start now, as we have leftovers to enjoy. Happy writing, Vivian. Hand to the plow (I tell myself). We can do a lot in the final four days of November.

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