Playing Red Light / Green Light … again

Who knew that this childhood game would make a comeback for me? But it has, and this time there’s no getting out of it. See, I now have a nifty list of Green Light foods–those are the ones I can eat without concern–and Yellow and Red Light foods, too. The latter are what most of us eat all the time.

This is 10 milimeters. Yikes!
This is 10 mm, almost the size of one of my kidney stones. Yikes!

But the kidney stones are back. Bah, humbug, right? Meaning that my moderate approach to lowering my oxalate consumption hasn’t worked so well. So it’s time to hunker down and play the Green Light game. The stakes are high. And I get to be “it” all the time.

You know what, I felt deprived when I (voluntarily) quit eating wheat three years ago. But I have proven to myself that I can do without foods I love. When I see cake or scones or bagels or sourdough bread, they no longer register as edible. Well, most of the time. Now the list is longer.

I also have a powerful visual to help with motivation. See the cube I’m holding in the photo? It’s a math manipulative  left over from home school days, a cubic centimeter. It sits innocently on the window sill in the kitchen, like a talisman or something. A realistic reminder of the 8 mm stone in my right kidney. And the upcoming surgery to remove it.

Self-discipline has been a battle for most of my life.  Eating, writing, house cleaning, you name it, I struggle with doing it. Now I drink (very strong) lemon water and eat the right foods. It’s like God’s School of Hard Knocks, Dietary Edition. I can be taught!

So, gluten-free tortilla chips … or a kidney stone? Almonds or peanuts or slices of cheese or chocolate … or a kidney stone? One glance at my cubic centimeter, and the choice is made. It’s an easy choice. And hey, I’ve already lost, like, five pounds.

How about you? Have you had to learn to do without something? Have you had to enroll in God’s School of Hard Knocks?

My Green Light Oxalate list. Wah!
My “Green Light” low oxalate list. Wah! Not much on the Carbs menu. Olives, anyone?

Laura Hile (1)

[This article was also posted at Jane Started It!]

2 thoughts on “Playing Red Light / Green Light … again

    1. It’s more like I’m feeling sorry for myself than anything else, Vivian. Food withdrawal pangs. This new eating plan (and especially the eye-wateringly strong lemon water) is easier on my system. An alkeline pH diet. I reluctantly admit that I am feeling better. 🙂


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