Steep Learning Curve for a Scaredy-Cat

A scaredy me! Photo: Diana Parkhouse (Creative Commons Flickr)
A Scaredy-Cat in Deadline Mode. “No, no, make it stop!” (Photo: Diana Parkhouse, Creative Commons Flickr)

A cat has lots of lives. Even a Scaredy-Cat like me.

It’s been quite a year for this cat. I’ve used up some lives. Good thing that by God’s grace I have so many!

It’s been a year for Mom, too. Other people have health issues, not us. We bounce back from anything, well… until now. This year we’ve struggled with the same kidney issues. Who’d a thought? It’s almost laughable.

Also a scaredy-cat (Domino), this time in Avoidance Mode (Photo: Ben Lyons)
A Scaredy-Cat in Avoidance Mode. “No worries, Mate, I’ve got this!”  (Photo: Ben Lyons)

I hit the skids in April, bouncing back by summer. Mom had her turn in November and again in January. These days she’s home, happily puttering toward better health.

Now it’s my turn to swing on the health trapeze. Another (arthroscopic) kidney surgery is set for two weeks from now, after rounds of antibiotic and antifungal medication. Who knew those small pills would make me feel so blah?

Anyway, here I am, being a Scaredy-Cat. Not about the surgery. I’ve had the same procedure three times before. I don’t even bother with the pain meds.

Here is the Scaredy-Cat in Teacher Mode. I am Queen, defy me at your peril! (Photo: Ben Lyons)
And here’s the Scaredy-Cat in Despot Teacher Mode. “I am Queen.”(Photo: Ben Lyons)

No, it’s the book thing. Not going under anesthesia with the novel unfinished, not again! I’m excited to announce that I’ve sent the formatted book file off for Table of Contents pagination, hooray! It won’t be available for sale until the print cover is finalized, but the interior is done. Finally!

I guess you could say that  I’ve been “puttering toward publication.” Puttering, now that’s an unusual “cat” concept. Producing a book is more like a marathon.

Do cats run marathons? Nope. We sprint madly, and then we lie around.

Ha, do cats teach school? Yes, but only in Despot Mode. (“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair.”) Then we come home and lie around.

When the book is released, there will be purring around here. And teaching school. Oh, and also lying around. Until April’s Camp NaNo, when it will be time to start the next novel.


Laura Hile (1)


This article was also posted at Jane Started It!, a blog I share with my writing pals.

7 thoughts on “Steep Learning Curve for a Scaredy-Cat

    1. Thanks so much, Denise. A book is a crazy project–I keep finding little things that need fixing. The latest discovery is that I mixed up the chapter numbers near the end. There is no Chapter 46! And while I can fix the Word document, when I change it into PDF, the software “runs home to Mama” and uses the old numbers.

      So back to the software design firm I will go, hat in hand, because the mistake was mine.

      I tell myself that my next self-published project will be faster and easier. Now if only that were true for the writing of it…

      Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Never done, no kidding. I keep finding stuff. Like I said to DeeScribes above, the Table of Contents is messed up. My bad, not the formatter’s. How could I goof up the numbering? All too easily!

      I am tempted to leave it, because who looks at the Table of Contents? But Amazon is becoming fussy about even the smallest error these days. And besides, the mistake would bother me. So heigh-ho, another delay. That’s okay, the print cover design work isn’t quite finished.


  1. Best of wished for a full recovery. I have health issues of my own so can truly sympathize. And then medications which wipe one out are the extra downer! Good luck with your book.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the kind wishes, Shelia. Right now I feel perfectly fine. Surgery, why have that? Denial is strong, and my kidney is sneaky at hiding those stones. 🙂 Oh well!


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