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Trading Places

Friday was a day of surprises. A day of trading places.

At 2:00 that afternoon, my son, Nathan, drove me to my pre-op appointment at an office next to the hospital.ย This is for the second surgery. Tuesday’s was textbook perfect. I am back to normal, as you will see.

But by 5:00, he felt nauseous and decided not to attend Good Friday service. Just before church started, I got a call. Where was the thermometer? In my purse, of course. Sepsis Recovery Girl always carries a thermometer in her purse.

Since we live seven blocks from church, I went right home. His temperature was normal. But his next statement was a stunner.

Photo: KOIN 6
Photo: KOIN 6

“Mom, I think I have appendicitis.” It was very early in the game, but he wanted to check it out. Off we went to Urgent Care before it closed. In turn, we were sent to the Emergency room.

And so six hours later, Nathan and I had traded places. Driving down the same freeway to the hospital, only in my car, with me at the wheel. We have been smiling about that since.

Who knows what a day will bring forth? Nathan intended to spend Saturday (yesterday) doing his taxes. Instead he had surgery. He is doing splendidly, by the way. His older brother, Michael, is on his way now to pick him up.

Easter is all about trading places, isn’t it? Jesus bore our sin. And if we put our faith in Him, He gives to us His righteousness. Our “trading places” for the drive to the hospital was amusing. But Jesus’ offer to trade wickedness for holiness? That’s amazing.

Easter dinner will be a little different at our house this year. So many reasons to give thanks and rejoice. To you and your family, a blessed Easter.

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14 thoughts on “Trading Places

    1. Thank you very much for praying. The odd thing is, when I step back and look at the incidents that have happened, it sounds horrible and overwhelming. But God…

      I just keep stepping along, almost as if I were in a bubble of grace.

      With a dash of denial. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Denise, I have been struggling with blogging because for an author, a blog is supposed to be personal. A “get-to-know-me” kind of thing. (Actually, after reading one of my books, a person knows quite a bit about me, or at least about my sense of humor!)

      But my life is so pedestrian–ha, I even walk to and from school–that I have had to scrounge for material. Not recently! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks so much for reading.

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    1. Now that I’ve had my surgery–which went VERY well–we have traded places yet again. Nathan is upstairs in his desk chair, chatting and playing video games. (Give a gamer time, manageable pain, an internet connection, and what will he do? Yeah.) I have taken over the long sofa downstairs, previously occupied by him, ha.

      I should probably add that his time for video games is almost non-existent as a graduate student. And his favorite way of playing is to assemble real-life friends in the same game, with Skype on so that they can talk as they play.

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  1. I’ve spent lots of time on a similar couch, but no one has ever offered to trade places! I’m glad all are on the mend. It was quite clever of you two to coordinate your need for rides and time on the couch.


    1. We’ve thought the same thing, Whitney. Nathan’s four days ahead of me. I am due to return to teaching, albeit from my rolling desk chair, on Wednesday. It’s a half day.


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