Documented “Teacher Burn”!

Apparently I am quite the source for ‘shoe-leather’ wisdom. You know, the practical, real-life kind.

On this, our final day of school, Laurie, one of my 7th grade students, presented me with a framed commemoration of our year together. Alas, each of these gems has come rolling out of my mouth. Repeatedly.

I never meant to sound so snarkily erudite, but Laurie nailed it.


  • I’ll put you out like the cat.
  • Save it for the talent show.
  • Don’t wake up the sleeping dog.
  • Pleasure doing business with you.
  • Grow a filter.
  • Suffer in silence.
  • Clear as mud?
  • Keep your mouth closed and squeeze it out through your eyeballs [a belch].
  • Life is hard, and then you die.
  • Get that lip back in your face.
  • ‘Stoopid’ is a choice.
  • I hope you enjoyed your childhood… because it’s over.
This year's 7th grade class at our formal dinner
Yesterday’s 7th grade formal dinner
They survived the year! Well... almost.
They survived the year with me! Well… kind of.

Laura Hile (1)

Class photos: Rose Stubblefield

19 thoughts on “Documented “Teacher Burn”!

        1. Botox might remove the frown, but that icy glare is as potent as ever. And who can forget that look over the glasses.

          People don’t realize that half of a teacher’s job involves being a snarky stand-up comic…

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          1. Especially in high school. That doesn’t stand up so well in elementary depending… My comedy had a bit mor physical attached, like the time I threatened to throw the next person who talked in the trash. It was my best male student… Amazingly he obliged, and I could still pick him up. I couldn’t do that today, but in the day. The kids loved it, and actually quieted down after we all laughed till we cried.

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    1. Her classmates loved Laurie’s gift too. They insisted that I hang it on the wall (I was planning to) so that our year together could be immortalized for future classes. πŸ™‚


    1. “Great Minds think alike.”
      I’m thinking that some of these became embedded from my own middle school experience. “Life is hard; then you die,” for instance, is the teacher’s way of saying, “Deal with it.”

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      1. You know the rest of that…”Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ?” At least that is what my Gram, also a teacher, used to say. I think that is a brilliant gift! I will say that I tried a similar approach leading a work team though and the team tried to get me fired. School is easier πŸ™‚

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  1. I still have one more month of school and unfortunately I am burned. However there are always a few lovely and amazing kids who make your day. I am changing schools in September and, although I cannot wait, I am going to miss a few students who are just the reason why I am a teacher πŸ™‚

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  2. I did not know you are a teacher. We give and give, without seeing many results, but you are so right that there are students who will be forever in our hearts. I trust your new school will be everything you need, and that your vacation (when it comes) will be restful and healing. We need our summer breaks!


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