Maybe it’s not a “beach read”?

So I’ve been promoting Darcy By Any Other Name as a “beach read.” You know, the perfect book for a vacation. But maybe I’m wrong.

Photo: Fuzzy Gerdes (Creative Commons Flickr)
Ahhh! Summertime perfection. Photo: Fuzzy Gerdes (Creative Commons Flickr)
Photo: Rita
Photo: Rita Deodato

Last week a reader shared a “book selfie” on Facebook. Oh, the places my books go. How I love seeing them! Darcy, can’t I squeeze through the Kindle and come along with you?

The thing is, Rita’s beach is perfectly lovely. No way would I want to be reading a book there, not while the sun and surf are calling!

I saw Rita’s photo on my phone, right in the middle of a road trip. (A coffee break at a noisy McDonald’s, to be precise.) I tell you what, during my travels I saw a few places where I’d prefer to be reading. “Beauty spots” where fictional escape is more than a preference, it’s a necessity.

So should I call my new book an “escape-the-skeezy-motel” read? Would that that prompt you to buy?

Pallet-and-tarp decor
Don’t you just love the pallet-and-tarp “garden” decor?  Longbourn and Netherfield, here I come!
A parking-lot palace
A genuine “parking-lot palace,” convenient to the freeway(s). Open the book, block out the noise.
So do we, Darcy.
So do we, Darcy. So do we.

Laura Hile (1)

8 thoughts on “Maybe it’s not a “beach read”?

  1. I’ve never been able to read at the beach — too much glare, too much sweat, too much heat. Your book is a great read for that downtime when you’re not on the beach, but you’re back at your hotel (condo, rental, etc), relaxing out on the balcony, or for those days it’s rainy and the tourist attractions are packed. It is a wonderful story with a great take-away. It can be enjoyed anywhere.

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    1. Since I grew up with a sailboat, this would be a “cockpit read” — at anchor, under the canopy, with a gentle breeze. Or a “hammock read” — on a moored boat it swings back and forth. Until the anchorage becomes choppy…

      Thanks for the kind words, Gayle.

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