Book Dragon’s Top Ten for 2016

5 Claws for Darcy from Book Dragon
5 Claws for Darcy from Book Dragon

I love this guy. He’s cute, plus he has good taste.

Yesterday he released his Top Ten Books for 2016Darcy By Any Other Name snagged his #2 spot. Wow! Thank you, Book Dragon!

I love these “Favorite Reads” lists. They’re how we discover some really great books. Especially impressive is that this year all of Katy Huth Jones’ (she’s Book Dragon’s keeper) favorites are titles by indie authors.

Book Dragon's Horde
Every dragon has a treasure horde. Here’s Book Dragon’s.

Here’s the link to Kathy’s The Best 10 Books I Read in 2016 list. Oh, and I am currently reading her award-winning Mercy’s Prince  YA fantasy series. It’s really good.

About Darcy By Any Other Name, Book Dragon says: “The cover alone made me want to read this book, but the idea of Darcy and Collins switching bodies was so intriguing, I devoured this book. It’s so well-written and SO much fun to read this deliciously twisty plot. Hile has stayed true to Ms. Austen’s P&P characters but managed to make some of them larger-than-life! I plan to read this one again and recommend it to anyone who loves Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice, or well-researched historical fantasy!”

Laura Hile (1)

5 thoughts on “Book Dragon’s Top Ten for 2016

  1. Having read about 240 JAFF books in 2016 alone I am really having a problem selecting a favorite. Not only are there so vey many good one but also as the authors have become my friends I hate to step on toes. I know every one works hard and I admire their hard work and their creativity and, for some, their patience with readers who are not always kind. I loved Darcy by Any Other Name also.

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  2. Yes, I agree Sheila deserves such an award! I also agree…this ‘hobby’ is wonderful! We are so lucky to have all of you writing such fabulous stories! Thank you!!!


    1. Again, the pleasure is all mine. What would I do without JAFF? But thank you both for the comments. Merry Christmas.


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