The Things We Sometimes Miss

2017-snowTrouble can help us to see things we would otherwise miss.  Lovely or important things, I mean. Nobody needs to see that dust on the coffee table.

Yesterday my husband carefully raised the ailing mini blind in our bedroom to take photos of the falling snow. At once two of the strings broke, and the thing collapsed into a saggy mess.

It was as if we had a cat. (Someday, I tell myself, someday.) Not liking the “abandoned-house trailer look” we took it down, leaving the window bare.  What a pain. How would I manage to sleep? Snow is amazingly bright at night.

Ah, but this morning I looked out and saw this. If that blind had been in place, I would have missed it. So many of our sunrises are clouded over that I never bother to look. And sunlight on snow? Not in this part of Oregon.20170112_080037

So I got to thinking. Trouble inconveniences me, and I sigh and complain. Instead I ought to pull myself together and look around. What is there to see that I otherwise would have missed? Something beautiful? I’ll never know if I don’t look.

Darcy-By-Any-Other-Name-blogsz-22017-snow-2Speaking of missing out, don’t miss this week’s e-book giveaway.  Anna has a very nice review at Diary of an Eccentric, and you can enter to win the Kindle edition of Darcy By Any Other Name.

Even if you own this book, why not give it a go? If you win, I’ll gladly send the prize to one of your friends.

Oh, and I’ve reduced the Kindle price by $1.00. For a 663-page e-book, $3.99 is a sweet deal. If I do say so myself.

Laura Hile (1)
This article was also posted at Jane Started It, a blog I share with my writing pals.

3 thoughts on “The Things We Sometimes Miss

  1. I agree about snow being so bright. Inconvenience is a two-edged sword. Serendipity sometimes takes over sometimes and a lovely view is seen that might have been missed otherwise. OTOH, windows are huge energy wasters. ;-/

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    1. It’s the slider door that’s the worst. The door is large and heavy, and continual use through the years has bent the seal of the latch. Cold air pours in.

      There’s nothing to be done but to put a solid styrofoam insulation sheet over the entire thing and secure it with painter’s tape. No going into the backyard in winter, not through that door. 🙂


      1. I haven’t even tried the slider. I move the curtain aside and make sure the outside is still where I left it and then I close the curtain and go on with my day. Brrrr is the word-of-the-day lately.

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