Marrying Well for Fun & Profit giveaway

Sir Walter's snooty e-book
Sir Walter’s snooty e-book

That Sir Walter Elliot, he certainly gets around. The man is timeless — Jane Austen’s top-lofty baronet whom generations of readers have loved to hate.

This week, he who was “Born to be Seen” is sharing with Just Jane’s 1813’s “vulgarian readers” the proper reasons to attend church. My oh my. Methinks that man is “cruising for a bruising” from the Almighty.

Need a laugh? Follow this link to Just Jane 1813 and get in on the fun.

All this could be yours -- if you know the way
All this could be yours — if you know the way

While there, Sir Walter is giving away three (3) e-book copies of Marrying Well — three chances for you to win!
 So you might want to check that out.

Entering is easy: simply share what you like best about Jane Austen’s Persuasion at Just Jane 1813.  

I’m betting you won’t say it’s Sir Walter Elliot. But his advice book is kind of a hoot. Just the thing for your coffee break. Caffeine and critique …

Laura Hile (1)

3 thoughts on “Marrying Well for Fun & Profit giveaway

  1. Oh this sounds just too good to be true. What an inspiration…what an idea…OMG! This has to be an absolute scream. I would love to read this. Bess with your launch.


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