Celebrating ‘Understanding Elizabeth’

Rejoice with those who rejoice…
(Romans 12:15)

Photo Credit: Vincent Diamante (Creative Commons Flickr)
Photo Credit: Vincent Diamante (Creative Commons Flickr)

Oh, how I love behind-the scenes stuff! I am one who enjoys rehearsals, even when I’m not performing.  There’s just something about that crackle of creative energy. The writer in me ponders intelligent adjustments that are made to the script. And then there’s the laughter and camaraderie of the cast…

I think the camraderie thing is what I like best. Seeing mutual trust and friendship grow, as together performers and support staff work to create something larger than themselves.

It’s the same with writing friends. I enjoy every step of my friends’ book projects–from listening to the first hesitant description of the premise, to watching chapter after chapter roll out. And then I get to hear about beta adjustments and participate in rereads and typo hunts. After that it’s cover development and floating ideas for book promotion. So. Much. Fun.

This week Robin Helm released her Pride and Prejudice romance, Understanding Elizabeth. It’s a charming read. Books, chess, and Mr. Darcy–what’s not to love? Here I am, cheering from the sidelines. I’m checking the rankings at Amazon as eagerly if it were my own book. Fly, little book, fly. And it is!

Robin has a winner here–isn’t that cover something? –but she’s not resting on her laurels. Already she is floating another story premise–or is it three? She’s moving ahead, with eyes fixed on the next horizon, just as a writer should.

Congratulations, Robin! I’ll add the link to Understanding Elizabeth at Amazon in case my reading friends would like to check it out.


Laura Hile (1)

4 thoughts on “Celebrating ‘Understanding Elizabeth’

  1. I followed this book as a WIP and loved it. I will be reading the published edition and posting a review. I have read all her other books and loved them also. And the photos of her daughter and son-in-law on another blog are just so precious…children graced with good looks.

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    1. I’m so happy for Robin. This book has generated much interest–and that cover is wondrous.

      As an author in the genre (and as a friend of Robin’s) I cannot post a review at Amazon. Bless you for doing that, Sheila. It means a lot to authors, as I’m sure you already know. 🙂

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      1. Thank you for featuring Understanding Elizabeth today, Laura. Also, thanks for letting me know about Damonza. They did a wonderful job on the cover.

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